Our Visit to Colegio

We headed back to CASEM where we started to finish many projects including: painting the other side of the store, sanding chairs, painting the picnic table, revamping the store to improve displays, and refurbishing the card holder. W76e can look back and see much improvement.

We brought musical instruments and donations to Colegio. Karen, the Technical Director, gave us an introduction to the school. There are over 400 students and new classrooms have just been completed. It is a vocational/technical school with majors in agro ecology, accounting, ecotourism, rural tourism, and food and drinks. We spent time in music class where we introduced ourselves, learned recorder, and played Hang Man in English. During recess break we got to see the biodigester project, done by prior volunteers, as well as cows and pigs. Josh was voted most popular because of his t-shirt and got to head off with some chicos. We also went to an agriculture class and talked further with students on the majors they were planning on choosing and then added some dancing.

We went through paperwork in the evening and wrote cards to many people who made our visit so wonderful. We also talked Maggie into trying Tramonti for excellent food. We ended with a fun-filled cab ride home.

We’ll soon by saying goodbye to Randy and our CASEM friends tomorrow. Hard to believe this wonderful time will soon be ending.

Entry submitted by: Kaye

Message of the Day – Alicia: Dum vivimus vivamus. While we live, let us live.”

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