Our Work Makes the News!

“We make a living by what we get; we make a life by what we give.”

As the rain fell silently and the sun hid behind the clouds, rumbles were heard throughout the house, so was the tipper-tappering of what sounded to be like heels of shoes and the squeaking of sneakers that paced throughout the hallway.

Students, faculty and professors were preparing to start the day. Those that had the tipper-tappering of shoes were awaiting the local newspaper to come in and do an interview with us as to the purpose we travelled all the way from New York to West Virginia; while others went to Oak Hill Center to assist with manual labor.

The interview started when Ms. Charlotte Smith the reporter introduced herself and her camera man Rob. She threw out questions for anyone to answer; she asked why we chose West Virginia; Dr. Kostroff did a fabulous job of answering, she also asked about the history of Monroe College, the amount of students enrolled and the location of the college. This ended and Ms. Smith spoke to each student one on one asking several questions ranging from where we were from and the purpose of us coming on this mission trip. After each interview our picture was taken for possible feature in the paper.

Read the story here:

assisting with labor projects in Appalachia

Jackie quickly learned the fine points of floor sanding.

With the interview completed, Ms. Smith left and we changed our business attire – dressing down – and headed to Oak Hill to join the others in getting “down and dirty”, where they were placing ceiling, cutting carpets, removing glue from the floor as the others carried furniture, carried garbage, painted bedframes  and sanded floors with local workers.

We were having fun doing the tasks that were assigned to us and as such it ended quickly. Seeing what we had accomplished and how much work we had to put in, we had and have to give ‘kudos’ to the men and women who do such jobs for a living.

As a reward for our hard day work we stopped by a local supermarket to get goodies and one such goodie was ice-cream, this was eaten as we travelled back to the house.

This is just the beginning, we look forward to more productive days; but as we do so, for now we especially look forward to our evening meal, chicken broccoli, beans with rice and vegetable salad.

Jackie, Nermina, Juanita hurry: Our stomachs calleth!

– by Samantha

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