Out first week passed quickly with us all enjoying being here!

MaryAnnThought for the day: “Happy travels … or as the Chinese say, may you enjoy favorable winds.” Anonymous.

Today ended first week of English lessons in our respective schools. Each day we have worked with different groups of students. Volunteers use a variety of techniques, e.g., role-playing nurse – patient dialogs and customer – waiter structured conversations. We talked about our families and encouraged the students to speak English in as many ways as we could. Almost every class took numerous pictures with volunteers. They’re often taking “selfies” on their cell phones with us. Volunteers report they have never had so many pictures taken of themselves. Another frequently heard comment is regarding how well behaved students these students are. Another observation is that the students are shy and require much encouragement to participate, answer questions or engage in activities. The week passed quickly with everyone immensely enjoying the food, sightseeing, the schools, the teachers, and especially the students.

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