Painting with Blue and White

Breakfast and than team meeting after which Don got in his stagecoach and the rest of usgot in the van and travelled to San Rafeal. It sure seems to be a lot shorter trip. Is it we´regetting used to the trip or are we talking enough to make the trip bearable? The paint is finally here and after the group meeting Alex (El Jeffe) put 2 GVs, Dick and Don, on deconstruction of the bull ring, and3 GVs Jean, Simone and Allan on painting. The fence out in front of the comunity centre isconcrete and pipe. The concrete will be blue (azul) and the pipe white (blanca). After rubber gloving and OR booting up, Jean went to the blue corner and Simone and Allan went to the white. We all seemed to start at the same end, and everyone was getting in each others way.Carman, Alex and Amolia also got into the frey, painting blue. While mixing the paint with thinner,Allan´s sunglasses got splattered with white paint and Hellen, Amolia´s daughter cleaned thepaint off them and did a fantastic job. Once we got things sorted out, there was only a little white on the blue and a little blue on the white. The fence really looks great but there isa lot left to do, as we´re suposed to do the front of the hall, and all the metal doors as well.After fruit break Allan swithched with Dick. Dick painted blue with a roller, and Jean went to white with Simone.

Allan went with Don to the bull pen and removed the suports from the already removed bleachers and took out the nails with Aparisio. It´s going to take a while, asthere sure are a lot of nails. They are all bent over and need to be straightened before beingpulled through. There are two piles of lumber,good reusable, and basura, or firewood. These two types of lumber are devided into another10 or so piles, but that is another day. The firewood pile is very large, we should talk ElJeffe into having a marshmellow, weiner or pig roast, there will definitly be a big fire.

Lunch was at Geselle´s again, and she always seems to out do herself. We had fried yuccadone up like a potatoe pancake, with cheese and seasoned with garlic and herbs and was verytasty, rice, beans and fried banannas. After wearing Samuel out we left for Mar- Inn wherewe hang our collective hats. Dinner will be at 5:00pm tonight as Don wants to do the nightwalk.Dick & Jean went for ice cream, and Allan & Simone went on a walk about. Everyone is going to catch up on some rest this weekend I think.

– Allan

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