June 23 – Painting With New Friends Isn’t Work- Montana

Michele announced this morning that there were three new work projects today. The low income energy assistance program needed people to help paint their new offices, a field day with the Boys and Girls Club, and washing windows for a resident at Eagle Shield. So, instead of gardening like yesterday, I pursued my love of art and offered to paint interior walls.

I packed my lunch, made some tea, and rode with Michele to the new work site where I met Lollie and started first wiping down the walls with Clorox. While someone went to fetch some paint, I helped move office equipment out of the room we were going to paint to a different room.

After about an hour of work, I finished washing one wall (the largest one). This was good time. I then had lunch. After lunch, I started another wall, and not too long after, Michele returned with Emily, who had finished her morning assignment and would help us in the process.

We did a great job on that room. About 45 minutes later, Michele returned with Lauren because I had a phone call. I found out that the person I was talking to was adopted into the Blackfeet Tribe, and I had no idea at all before that!

After painting, Lauren and I walked back to DLSBS for dinner and to get ready for the rodeo….which was great!


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