Pants for Tots Drive!

Missy Ek, a volunteer on the February team to Ecuador, was so eager to help in anyway she could when she was told that sometimes the children at the daycare centers have an accident and don’t have another set of clothes to change in to, and they have to walk around without bottoms on. She wasted no time in setting up a “Pants Drive”.

She put this box outside her house:

Pants Drop Box

And sent this message to family and friends:

PANTS FOR TOTS DRIVE! Needed boys/girls 9mo-5yr pants all kinds (no skirts or shorts). The Ecuadorian Day Care that ill be volunteering at has no back-up pants. They potty train at a very young age, if there is an accident the lil ones just run around in the buff! Lets stock them up! Ill do pick-ups or ill have a bin outside my house. Msg me for address

What?! You don’t have any pants for the tots? Maybe you’ll be driving by WallMart ($3.88) or GoodWill/Savers, betcha they do!! Please help. Boys/Girls 6mo-5yr. If you can’t drop off, I can do pick ups as well! 🙂
Through this effort, Missy was able to get together 100 pairs of little pants for boys and girls. This meant bringing this big duffle bag all the way to Ecuador:


Pants bag


Once in Ecuador, Missy organized them all by size and gender so they can easily be found and used as spare pants any time a child has an accident and their parents didn’t send a change of clothes for them that day. Now at the daycare centers, no little boy or girl will be with bare legs!

What a wonderful donation for the children at the centers!



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