People Connecting with Their Higher Power

Tan 1407a1 Global Volunteers busket making.

We began the day with the typical, yet delicious porridge and toast. Everyone was preparing for their day to leave. Kathryn, Maya, Grace and I headed to the primary school and attempted our lessons. Maya and I had an interesting time, but it was nothing we couldn’t field. Kathryn and Grace reported back that theirs went fabulously, as did Adrienne’s. Day two of school allowed us to learn how it operates, and brainstorm accommodations for our future classes. Word was the clinic was hectic, but provided good services given the situation. The individuals on our medical team (Liz, Toni, Hina, and Marisa) taught learned a lot of the basics, which was the most necessary.

We ate lunch then had a mini meeting, minus Sean, who was still teaching. After a few minutes of down time, a few of us went down to give the donations while others ventured down to the orphanage. From there we were able to experience a debate, which was very advanced. The topic was how globalization was either harming or benefiting Africa. Although some of the points made seemed a bit farfetched, they were all fully supported. Note: the entire debate was in English.

The ladies in the village arrived and began teaching a few ladies in the group how to weave a basket. They seemed overwhelmed by how many of us wanted to learn, and quickly ran out of supplies. Mimi, Liz, Lisa, Adrienne and I had the wonderful opportunity to experience a church service. This indescribable experience was amazing, powerful, and such an honor to watch. I am honored to have witnessed such personal moments of people connecting with their higher power. Tan 1407A1 Toni making a busket.

Dinner was very good, as per usual, and we had a bit more in depth conversation than normal. Edward opened up and explained many personal feelings about the area, the community in general, and what he feels lies ahead in the future. Some explain their own opinions about it as well. It is interesting to hear others’ thoughts on the situation and how they feel it could be solved, while others feel it can’t be solved at all. Soon after everyone retired to their rooms to pack and rest for our safari trip the next day.

 Entry submitted by: Angela

Message of the day – Angela: “Show me and I will see; tell me and I will hear; teach me and I will understand.” – Chinese proverb 

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