Perfect Start to our Final Week in Ecuador


With Cecilia Trujillo, a bread dough artisan of Calderón

Highlights from Team Journal entry for Monday, May 25

Today was a great day in Ecuador! We started off with breakfast with Maggie and could not stop talking about the amazing adventures we had this weekend at the market in Otavalo and in Mindo. Our weekend trips totally rejuvenated us and we felt ready to start our final week here. After breakfast, we headed to the daycare. We felt so lucky to have all three of us in good health and back in action with the kids. The day went by so quickly – Jordan and Zoe were totally worn out (in a good way) by the constant energy of the older kids, and Lauren really enjoyed being back with the babies. Tomorrow we are going back to classrooms that we’ve previously been in and we are really excited to be reunited with those tías and children again. It’s amazing to see the bonds we’ve created with these children in just one short week. We are not looking forward to leaving them on Friday! After the day with the kids was done, we saw what Daycare Center 1 looked like. It’s a very different center because it’s in the middle of a market so they’re limited for space. They also only have one baby room, where at Daycare Center 2 we’re used to three baby rooms! After we stopped there, we were given a demonstration of bread dough art by Cecilia. We were amazed by how good she was at adding the tiny and beautiful details to her art. She is very proud of the work she does because it’s been passed down through her family and it is a tradition in Calderón. The three of us purchased a few souvenirs to take home to our families. All in all, this was a perfect start to our final week in Ecuador.


Handmade bread dough figurines as napkin holders


Entry submitted by: Jordan


Jordan helping to feed the children


Message of the Day – Jordan: “Making one person smile can change the world. Maybe not the whole world, but their world.” – Unknown 

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