Photos from September Tanzania Team

Tan 1409a1 Sherie  in class action and laura writing notes.

Tan 1409A1 Sherie and Laura  teaching at Pomerini kindergarte








Tan 1409 A1 Laura at Pomerini sports  area.

Tan 1409a1 Laura and Sherie at Pomerini Clinic visit.








Tan 1409A1 Laura and Sherie at Pomerini.tan 1409a1  Sherie and laura in class.







Tan 1409a1 Sherie at sports ground withs tudents in Pomerini.Tan 1409A1 Sherie at Pomerini Sports groud.





Tan 1409A1 Laura and Sherie making buskets at the mission house.

Tan 1409A1 Laura at Pomerini Baby Clinic task.

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