Global Volunteers Team #164 to Ecuador

Global Volunteers Team #164 in Quito produced engaging photos of service in Ecuador as well as some of the numerous cultural activities. The seven volunteers, including four scholarship recipients from the University of Iowa, served at FUNDAC daycare centers for economically disadvantaged children, helping to care for babies and toddlers,  and assisting with light labor projects.

We offer this pictorial example of a “typical week of service” in Quito with Global Volunteers to illustrate the joy of working with and caring for Ecuadorian children.

The children in the community were so excited to see us volunteers every day, and the reverse is also true. I will never forget the relationships I formed at the daycare and how we all improved the lives of each other by working together as one team.
– Margaret Timm, University of Iowa

Photos of Service In Ecuador

This experience opened my eyes to cultural differences in other countries and has been inspirational to continue helping others to say the least.”
– Margaret Timm

FUNDAC (Foundation of Ladies of Calderón) is a non-profit organization caring for 140 one- to three-year-old children so their (mostly) single mothers can work. The loving staff each care for ten small children while they run the day-to-day functions of the Center. Since 1996, Global Volunteers teams have been assisting the staff, providing the additional tender loving care the children need and deserve, and helping with the expansion and improvement of their two centers.

Are you motivated by these smiling faces in Quito?

Help our FUNDAC partners.  Visit our Volunteer in Ecuador website page. Or, chat online with one of our Volunteer Coordinators. They’re ready to assist you with project descriptions, travel questions, and other program details.

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