Poetry, Playtime and a Perfect Day

Message – (David Littlepage)

There’s only one method of meeting life’s test

Just keep on striving and hope for the best

Don’t give up the ship and quit in dismay

‘Cause hammers were thrown when you’d like a bouquet

This world would be tiresome; we’d all get the blues

If all the folks in it, held the same views

So finish your work, show the best of your skill

Some folks won’t like it but, other folks will.

            -David’s Grandfather


Journal –(Brendan Kehoe and Jonathan Wenn)

V – is for the van that we all drive in

O – is for one bathroom that we share

L – is for the long lasting friendships that we form

U – is for the unbelievable view

N – is for nature

E – is for engaging conversations

E – is for emerging ideas

R – is for the rest that we all need

Helping out at the summer recreation program.

This afternoon, we took the Science Camp children to the cafeteria for their lunch.  They grabbed their trays and scooted right in next to us.  It was very different from Monday, when we had to gather up the courage to approach each child who gazed at us with suspicion.  Were they thinking:  “Who were these outsiders invading our cafeteria?”  Kaelee, Kelsey, Gabby and Connor had become our first and best friends from Science Camp.  They offered us the graham crackers from their lunches while teaching us the infinite uses for ranch dressing.  We concluded our meal by sharing a few fresh strawberries.

Off to the Carole White program-swimming, bowling, basketball and art.  I met Lea, a high school senior who’s in the running for a Gates Foundation Scholarship that would pay for her education and expenses at Stanford.  It’s her dream school and she hopes to become a psychologist, return to Browning and work for Indian Health Services.  This is a dream worth preserving.

We organized a volleyball game, and the kids decided to change it to a challenge between girls and boys. We ran with it.  Sevannah was on the playground with some younger kids.  They followed her from structure to structure on the playground like ducklings in a row.  Inesa was teaching girls to play her favorite school yard-handball.  They were having a blast.  I’ve come to understand, now more than ever, that all kids — from Los Angeles to Browning, Montana — need love, attention, and positive adult interaction.

Finally, off to DeBoos Ranch, a place of majestic views and horses.  We were fed a delicious barbeque and had a chance for relaxed conversation.  The girls had a chance to feed calves, hold puppies and meet a pig named Mo.  We saddled up in two groups for a breathtaking ride into Big Sky Country.  We were protected by two cattle dogs as we crossed the Plains while glancing over at the wild mustangs.  We reached the apex of our journey where we could see the mountains of Glacier National Park framed by nearer foothills.  The views extended 100 miles, Chuck told us.  It took our breath away.  Already beginning to anticipate the saddle soreness we would soon feel, we dismounted at the cabin – a perfect ending to a wonderful evening.

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