Public Bike Service Started in Xi’an

Public bikes available to rent in Xi'an

Public bikes available to rent in Xi’an

As I was passing by a neighborhood in Xi’an on a bus yesterday, a row of bikes on the sidewalk caught my attention. They were vey new and all in the same fresh color of yellow and green. I quickly took a photo of the bikes with my cellphone. It occurred to me that is the new public bike service in Xi’an.

I remember the first batch of the bikes was put into use in October in 2013 but I have not really see them on the street. Just a couple of week ago, it was said on the news that a total 8000 bike have been stationed in 375 places in the city. People can use the transport card for taking the bus or subway to rent the bike. Designated places will accept applications for registration with the transport card for taking the bus or subway, an ID card, and 300-yuan deposit. The transport card can then be used to rent a bike and pay the fee automatically. One can rent a bike in one station and return it to any of the other stations.

It is free to use the bike for the first hour, then one yuan each hour for the next 2 and 3 hours, and three yuan per hour for more than 3 hours. Maximum expense for a day’s use is 30 yuan. It’s said that the public bike service will be extended to all districts in Xi’an, and 50,000 bikes will be in use in 2,000 designated service places by 2015 to cover major towns, transportation hubs and streets.

How exciting! That will really help to boost the use of public transport, lower the burden of the heavy traffic in the city and help reduce the air pollution.


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