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Message of the Day: “A long life is not good enough but, a good life is long enough.” – Unknown

I am not usually a believer in horoscopes, but when Kristina read mine on Sunday and let me know that I was going to have a “challenging week” then I proceeded to get sick and had several crazy days in a row, I almost became a believer. The town of Calderón yesterday put all my petty “challenges” into perspective. As this trip comes to an end and I go home to my house with clear, hot water, a bed I don’t have to share with several others (potty trained or not), and more food than is necessary, I have to be mindful of all those in the world who have more/bigger challenges than is fair. Even though I found myself counting to ten many times in order not to show my frustration with a student or I wanted to “critique” what the tías were doing – I cannot even imagine their true daily challenges and I now realize that what they are doing at the two centers is amazing considering their living situations and resources. The fact that Yesenia and Ruby (and the other tías) are teachers, nurses, custodians, and also happily and willingly spending more time studying and learning English is inspiring. Wherever my luggage is – it’s just “stuff” and in the big picture is nothing compared to the real challenges of others.

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