Rachel starts the team journal

We woke up for our first official day in Costa Rica at 8:00 AM to meet downstairs for breakfast (pancakes and fruit) :). After the wonderful breakfast we began our first work task. We had our first official meeting that consisted of Introductions, General Principles, and Guidelines and of course Health and Safety conditions. One of the main ideas that Global Volunteers strictly enforces is working “hand in hand” with the community which means that we not only will be able to help the community which we are assigned, but we will get to know the community personally as well! After our meeting we took a beautiful drive from San Jose to Santa Elena. On the way to our destination we stopped at the restaurant “El Jardin,” from the restaurant we were lucky enough to see a beautiful view of the Gulf and the Mountains (which is very rare considering the restaurant is located in the cloud forest). We then continued up, down, and around the mountains where we got to experience the “Costa Rican massage.” We arrived at the Marr Inn in Santa Elena after a long day of traveling but we were rewarded with once again another beautiful view. Once we arrived at the Inn we made sure to cover some more of the Guidelines as well as team building characteristics such as respect, deferential, altruistic etc. Nia made sure to prepare us for our day to come and explained what was to be expected! We are all extremely excited to begin this project!


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