Recognize this little road?

This little road into Canitas is getting a new sidewalk so kids that walk to school can come safely and free of mud during the rainy season. Canitas is a small community of about sixty families nestled in the country side. Some might say it is a “forgotten” place. Life is simple here, farming, coffee picking and family.

Most kids around here walk to school. No sidewalks are available in the area, so it is muddy, most likely, in the rainy season. Kids ages , 3 to 10, that attend the 2 room schoolhouse (kindergarten and primary school until 6th grade) would compete with passer by cars and jeeps to walk on the road. We would like to help them be safe from now on. Build a proper sidewalk for kids to walk on. Hopefully be a catalyst for safer roads for the kids around Santa Elena.

Three community groups will organize themselves to match our 10 volunteers starting this coming Monday. We will be building this from the primary school to the main road, lots of digging lots of mixing of cement!
Wish us luck!


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