volunteer lodging in Poland

The volunteer lodging in Poland is a beautiful and  comfortable 200-year-old restored manor house named Reymontowka in Siedlce county.  It is, for many volunteers, a highlight of their Poland program. We’d like to share some of its history as well as pictures.

The history of the manor house is an interesting testimonial to Poland’s commitment to beauty and culture.  It was originally built for the Różański’s family in the middle of the XIX century.  In 1926, the estate was bought by Aurelia Reymont, the widow of renowned novelist Władysław Reymont, who designated part of her husband’s Nobel Prize for the purchase. Before his death, Reymont was recognized for the novel “Peasants”.

In 1939, the mansion together with the manorial estate was bought by Feliks Tymieniecki – the chairman of “Węgloblok” Coal Company. In 1981,  the manor house together with the park were bought by the Department of Culture and Art of Siedlce Voivodeship and “Reymontówka” Manor House was established at that place.  Today it belongs to the  County Government of Siedlce to hold many cultural events and concerts throughout a year.  Our volunteers are enthusiastic participants in these events throughout the year!

Please find below a few photos of the charming volunteer lodging in Poland, a gorgeous manor house for Global Volunteers in Poland:

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