Repeat Romania Volunteer Diane F. was kind enough to share her thoughts and reflections with individuals seeking volunteer opportunities on Read on to enjoy Diane’s inspiring words and FEEL her passion! You can also use the link below view all Global Volunteers Testimonials on Go Abroad OR add your own!

Diane’s Romania Testimonial ~

I have been to Romania twice so far to hold, love, care for the children. The following is what I gave as my journal entry one day while volunteering. It is taken from an organization called Peace of Mind and I quote:

“We all hear the voice that calls us to action. It is weak in some and strong in others. I would be surprised if I heard anyone say they had never experienced it. Maybe it is a defined calling to some vague tugging at our heart that makes us restless. But is is there, in one way or another, at one time or another for all of us. The question is what do you do? We are pretty good in our world at silencing that voice. We come up with all kinds of reasons not to listen. I don’t have time. There is nothing I have to offer. Maybe I would if I had a little more money. When restlessness comes knocking at your door, you have a choice. Maybe you turn and look at the door. Sometimes you stand at the door and ask who’s there on the other side. Sometimes you even have a conversation with the voice on the other side. But then you have to make a choice. I’ve felt life changes sneaking up on me in the past, and I have been reluctant to answer. The easy choice is to move away from the door and go back to your comfortable chair, pick up your book and keep reading. But what happens if you reach out for the doorknob? What happens if you open the door and walk through? There’s just one way to find out.”

I reached for that doorknob, opened the door, walked through and have never had any regrets.

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Thank you, Diane, and thank you all for your interest and support!!

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