Second day of School – Still Learning

Journal for March 17, 2015

Message of the day:

“Chaos is the law of nature; order is the dream of man” – Henry Adams, quoted by Wallace Stegner.

Monday2Today started with a challenge.  Montana had been up at midnight with a temperature over 100.  While it was lower but still over 100 at breakfast time, it was important for her to get rest until it stabilized at normal for 24 hours.  LuRue and Don made a plan with Baoli’s guidance to team teach both the first session classes and the second session.  One of the first session classes was composed of second year (advanced) students in Hotel Management.

The first session started with a joint class.  LuRue and Don introduced themselves.  Then the students prepared to their own introductions.  After the 9 AM break, the students split into two groups.  Each student gave his/her introduction to his/her group.  When all introductions were finished, the groups joined again for a rousing presentation of the Hokey Pokey by LuRue followed by everyone joining in.

The second session had all first year students.  Again LuRue and Don introduced themselves, followed by the students working on their introductions.  After the 11 AM break, the students divided into two groups to give their own introductions.  It was emphasized that their introductions here are the core of something they will use over and over as they pursue careers in which they have to use their English.

Hocky Pocky is Well Received by the Students

Hocky Pocky is well received by the students

After class, back at the hotel,  LuRue checked in on Montana (feeling a bit better, but with still an elevated temperature)   While Montana continued to rest, Baoli, LuRue and Don had lunch at the hotel.  Dumpling soup and “transparent” noodles with meat were excellent – but our team still could not finish the generous portions.  They all are in jeopardy of losing their Clean Plate memberships.  After eating, talk turned to planning for Wednesday.  While the Tourism group will be back for their second day in the first (8 AM) session, the other group in that session and all those in the second (10 AM) session will be first year students.  To even the load in the first session, some of the first year students will join the Tourism group where examples will focus on travel related subjects.  All the session will spend time on the difficult to pronounce pairs which Baoli identified.  Baoli suggested several other exercises (students drawing a “picture” from the oral presentation of the instructor or conversely, students describing directions to a visitor for getting from their hotel to a scenic site or other tourist attraction.

Baoli, LuRue and Don gathered for dinner and were joined by Jerry, Baoli’s son.  Montana still had an elevated temperature but was showing some interest in food, but mostly rest.  The tofu main dish was a delight, if a bit on the spicy side.  But the diners improved their consumption record.  Then all departed to prepare for Wednesday.

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