Setting Goals

After a breakfast of delicious porridge we visited the big potato buildings.  At first, we saw the clinic, which surprised me by how advanced it was.  It had a dentist’s office, delivery room, and Edward said the town even had birth control.  We saw where they weighed babies, which I am quite excited for and I am certain Jacklin is as well.  With five births a month, we might see a newborn while we are here.


The secondary boarding school had mostly male or science teachers, surprisingly.  I am excited to walk there every day so students will no longer stare at us but will begin greeting us happily.  The children at the primary school and the Lutheran church were adorable, and I can’t wait to spend time with them.  I am nervous about being the only mzungu in a classroom, but I will survive.

 Mama Tony made chips with cheese for lunch which was exactly what I missed.  (And, even if it wasn’t cheese, I pretended it was).  The cucumber soup was delicious as well.  Every day, we have had something new, and it is always good.

 We made some house rules and goals with Edward, then had the jolly Mohamed teach us Kiswahili.  He then led us through the center of town where we were met by cries of “Wuzungu!” and promise of a night in the pub in the future.

  A few of the girls had our first cold shower experience which was actually not as scarring as we might have thought. Although, I think I’ll use a sunshower next time.  Afterwards, some of us played soccer with the watoto or cheered until dinner.  Wonderful, as usual, and we went to sleep with visions of teaching dancing in our heads.
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