Shakin’ our hips

Message of the Day: “The deed is everything but the glory not.” – Goethe

It’s the plaintive cry of “tía” I will never forget. Who could believe that three letters could be drawn out into three syllables. The class sizes at Center 1 were quite large today because Tía Gaby’s class was spread among the other groups. Not even two people together can control 14-17 two- to five-year-olds in one room. My ears are still ringing and I just may dream of today’s morning at Center #1 for a long time.

The tías used all their resources to keep things going, but all lesson plans were scrapped. Not even dancing tías, including volunteer tías, could calm los niños.

Work continues apace on the jute bags although progress was stymied somewhat by the balking hot glue guns. The small bags were nearly done with the larger book bags to be tackled next.

Tía language training continues, and it is clear that they all look forward to that change in routine, no matter how tired they are.

From Center 2:

The walls around the ditch had to be built, so Rodrigo asked Peggy to get four wheelbarrows full of sand. From four this became eight, and then it became ten. Either Peggy’s español is not improving or we were just not filling enough in each load!

As the cement was being made. Peggy went to shake her hips with Bobbie and the kids. I left to help John and Breanna repair a cot. As John sawed away, the humming sound of the saw was drowned by the loud wails from Colleen’s babies. Please, I hope Colleen gets her ears checked when she returns.

A wonder dinner of empanadas was followed by handsome Andrés showing the volunteer tías of Calderón how to dance salsa. Some of our tías certainly showed some moves… and their moves have been recorded for posterity. Others of us simply enjoyed the show.

Entry and message submitted by Kathy and Karen

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