Sitting, Waiting, Watching, Wishing

The day started out with an early breakfast before attending the Lutheran church at 8:30. Edward picked us up and explained how the church donations worked but most importantly how to introduce ourselves. We walked into the church and sat down only to be called up in front of the Lutheran audience to introduce ourselves. My family and I stumbled through a Swahili introduction and then enjoyed the rest of the service ran by my fellow soccer player. After church we went back to the mission house to sleep and eat lunch.

After lunch the family and Mohammed took a trip to the waterfall. We walked through the village only to be stopped by every child asking for their picture to be taken. We arrived at the waterfall accompanied by bathing teenagers. At the waterfall we gave the local teenagers some cliff bars (something they were thrilled about). We then started our journey back home. The day finished off with some delicious Mandaz made by Mama Toni.

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