Sorting Five Kilos of Beans

How Does a Volunteer React After Sorting Five Kilos of Beans? Bob, a first time volunteer in Cuba, had such a rewarding experience that he actually came up with a verse. 

Our task was to examine five kilos of black beans for foreign objects, then do the same with five kilos of white rice. I was so moved by the experience I thought it was important put it into verse:


The culling of bad things from our beans and our rice

Fell into the hands of two guys who are nice

T’was a task so important it had to be shared

By two guys named Bob, also known as Bob Squared!

We started out checking one bean at a time

In hopes that we hadn’t committed a crime

We soon loosened up, and culled by the bunch

Or we’d never have finished in time for our lunch.

We pulled out the beans that were withered or scarred

When suddenly Tall Bob found something so hard

“It’s a rock!” he exclaimed, I tell you the truth

“Without me someone will mangle a tooth!”

With excitement he checked, ‘til he had a bunch

Wrapped them all in a napkin, and brought them to lunch

Where he unveiled them to all, to all twenty-four.

And we thanked him profusely, ‘fore we went out the door.

So give thanks to these Bobs, one bald and one haired

To these wonderful guys, also known as Bob squared.

Sorting Five Kilos of Beans

Volunteers Ken, Mary & Richard picking rice in Cuba.

Sorting Five Kilos of Beans

Volunteers help the local community to sort black beans in Cuba.


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