Squeeze a Little Tighter

Team Journal Entry for Wednesday, July 8 

I woke up today hoping that the day would go by really slowly because we only have two days left in the program.

ECU1506A1 - Ashley Paradero with childWhen we arrived at the daycare, Kris and I were assigned to finish the paint job in the kitchen in the afternoon so we took the opportunity to spend time with the children. We spent the morning in Tía Norma’s room with the babies. I spent most of my time dancing and singing with Scarlet in my arms to keep her from crying. She’s not used to being at the daycare just yet. We also played with the puzzle pieces and Kris juggled for Alain and Leonel – they were amazed.

At the end of the day, we were able to visit Marjori’s (from Tía Alexandra’s room) house to get the opportunity to know her family and where she lives. Before we started walking, we were told she lives three blocks away. I don’t know how blocks are measured here, but I felt like we were walking forever. I noticed Marjori took three to five steps for every step we took and wondered if she ever gets tired walking home. When we reached their house, we walked up these concrete stairs to the second floor. The first thing I noticed as soon as we walked in was how colorful it was. Each room was a different bright color which we later learned was painted by Marjori’s mom and older sisters. We all sat on their couches and listened to Maggie interact and interpret their conversations. By the time we left their home, we had learned that Marjori has five older siblings but their home only has three rooms so they all share. We also learned that their mom is a single parent after divorcing their father months ago and that although the judge ordered him to pay child support, he hasn’t because “he doesn’t have a job” so she has to support her family on a minimum wage income. As we learned about her struggles, my heart broke for them but when I observed the children and their contagious smiles, I knew their mom was doing a great job in caring for them. Note to self: when Marjori doesn’t want you to let go of her when you’re hugging her tomorrow, squeeze a little tighter.

Entry submitted by: Ashley

Message of the Day – Ashley: “Peace cannot be kept by force; it can only be achieved through understanding.” – Albert Einstein

ECU1506A1 - Chelsea Nolan with children

Child at daycare center in Calder (1) - Copy

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