The Start of a New Week!

Monday 1Message of the Day:

“Warm notice: Cherish the food, refuse to waste. If the remaining food is 100 grams or more, pay 50 yuan please.” – Sign outside the Golden Spring Hotel dining room

Team Journal Entry:

The start of a new week. Following breakfast, we met with the hotel’s wait staff for an hour to work on basic pronunciation of English words. We covered names of basic table utensils, vegetables, fruit, other foods, beverages, and words used by Westerners when dining. Though their English is limited, they seemed to enjoy our dialogue. Later in the week we will meet for an hour with the reception and housekeeping staffs.

Monday 2Then it was on to school. Today we had three classes of 5th graders and one of 8th. We are all amazed at the difference in abilities in each class. Some kids are very bright – others are just this side of “challenged.” But they are fun and well behaved so we muddle on.

For dinner, we had Hot Pot: a large pot, filled with a delicious chicken broth was put on a built-in warmer in the middle of the table. When the broth started boiling we added shrimp balls, potatoes, mushrooms, tofu, lettuce, and thinly sliced beef. It all cooked quickly and was removed and dipped into a great garlic sauce – delicious. When we finished the meat and potatoes, we drank the broth as a soup.

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