Starting Week Two!

Team Journal Entries for Monday, July 20

133We set off for Calderón this morning after a great weekend of getting acquainted with more of the historic and natural features of this part of Ecuador.  Our team has been halved in body but not in spirit and we set to work doing many tasks. Our physical labor team worked on painting trim and walls with parents of our students pitching in to get the job done. The rest of us did our best to assist the tías in the now familiar routines of potty/diaper time, park, snack (which was bananas, easy peasy), lunch, and so on. Our newly divided conversational English groups with the tías are on the way to more success. We are working on posters as visual aids to the potty training and hand washing program as requested by the tías, who are very appreciative of our efforts! Our trip back to our hotel home was filled with continued plans for gifts to take on our home visit to one of the students and we quickly set out to the grocery store to prepare for this.

Entry submitted by: Maryann

We started a new week with only half the size of our team as last week. That didn’t stop us from being highly productive. Since the maestro wasn’t here, we shifted our project from building Pelusa’s house and adding on to the wall to painting the exterior entrance. But first we had to bring about 80 cinder blocks back down off the roof. With half our team gone, the team work seemed less organized but just as productive since we were able to manage two blocks at a time. The painting of the wall went well with several parents helping. Once it was decided that the entire wall needed to be done, scaffolding was ordered and delivered by the afternoon. OSHA standards in the U.S. would never allow a worker to set foot on it due to controlled safety standards.205

Meanwhile, Dana went live with potty training six one-year-olds. Two out of the eight are already potty trained. We’ve noticed how the Ecuadorian children are more advanced in their self care skills than their U.S. counterparts.

Today the conversational English class was divided into two groups to reduce the amount of partying and chatter amongst the tías. As a result the instruction was more effective.

A man came by today to pick up scrap metal which dramatically cleaned up the playground area.

Entry submitted by: Katie

 Message of the Day – Maggie: “Only a life lived in the service to others is worth living.” – Albert Einstein

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