life-changing volunteer experience

Micah, an Ecuador Global Volunteer and University of Iowa student, reflects on his life-changing volunteer experience in Quito, Ecuador.

I was blessed with the opportunity to volunteer at a daycare center for disadvantaged children in Ecuador for a couple weeks. The kids welcomed us with full hearts and grins across their faces on the first day. The food was exceptional. The daycare providers more kind and humble than I’ll ever be. Nevertheless, I still questioned if I was doing it for more than the generic purpose? Then I met Danna. This little girl ran and hugged my leg without hesitation after simply waving. She always wanted to play tag, hide and seek, eat, and etc. She also had a flattering fascination with my hair. Little did I know that this little girl would teach me so much more in one day about being human than I’ve ever learned in my lifetime. She showed me what pure innocence, love, and kindness look like. She reminded me that regardless of the circumstances, we must help one another because all we have in this world is each other.

Live-changing volunteer experience in Ecuador

Life is a learning experience, only if you learn. This service trip has taught me more than I imagined it would – it was a life-changing volunteer experience. I learned how to salsa. I learned how to renovate high chairs for toddlers. I learned that friendship is the greatest gift of life and is a sweet responsibility, rather than an opportunity. l learned that one of the main purposes of human life is to serve those who are different than yourself. Therefore, I am forever grateful for the experience, the team, and most importantly the children for such an incredible and enlightening experience.


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life-changing volunteer experience

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