Arrival of Team #138!

Message of the Day: “Things turn out best for people who make the best of the way things turn out.” -Anonymous

“Bienvenidos!” reads the sign to our breakfast and meeting area as we are welcomed by our team leader, Kristina Herman Hill. We are informed that we will be the 138th Global Volunteer Team to serve on the Ecuador project. After every volunteer enjoyed their wonderful breakfast provided by the phenomenal staff at the Sol de Quito Museum Hotel, we commenced with our introductions of twenty of twenty-one volunteers present this day. Following our introductions of learning names to faces and brief background information exchange, we proceeded to signing up for the daily journal chronicling and message of the day duties. Kristina proceeded to provide us with a brief summary of the historical Global Volunteer service establishment at Calderón. She then guided us through the service manual provided by Global Volunteers to review and discuss the Philosophy of Service, additional duties to be undertaken by the volunteers to assist Kristina, daily schedule review, sign up for projects, team goals, review of characteristics of an effective team, discussion of the Global Volunteer policies and guidelines and general information about Ecuador. A brief overview and welcome orientation were provided by representatives from the Calderón community, Yolanda and Marujita. Five team goals were developed by the team:

1. To meet people and grow through relationships.
2. To help others and make a difference.
3. To learn about Ecuadorian culture.
4. To not take things fro granted and remind myself to stop whining/complaining.
5. To practice Spanish.

Any donations brought to Ecuador by volunteers are to be collected by Kristi by Wednesday or Thursday to be presented on behalf of the team volunteers:

Coordinator duties to assist Kristina:

1. Kathy & Karen: stocking water
2. Mary & John: free time
3. Bobbie & Breanna: health & safety/first aid kits
4. Colleen & Peggy: meals
5. Ann & Kathleen: final celebration 2nd week
6. Darcy & Josh: final celebration 1st week

After lunch, Kristina provided the volunteers with a Spanish lesson with the inclusion of practice time. We ended the day of programming with optional “free time” activity suggestions provided by two tour guides, Martín and Andrés. John and Mary, volunteer coordinators for free time, will post sign-up sheets for all to finalize decisions regarding the weekend tours, dance program, salsa dancing, or other additional programs.

Our initial day of full orientation came to a close with a delightful meal prepared by the staff at Sol de Quito Museum Hotel. ¡Buenos sueños!

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