Sunday in Pommern – A Taste of Village Life

TAN0801A1 children in front of churchToday began with a beautiful sunny morning.  Many people passed the mission house on their way to the Lutheran church, dressed in their Sunday best, including many students from the Pommern Secondary School where we have been teaching. Also some women sit at the corner of two paths selling food after church. They sell fruit, donuts and samosas.

Edward came later in the morning and took Androi and me for a walk through the village, including some places we hadn’t seen before. We got a brief tour of one of the bars in town, although it was too early for customers. We also went into the courtyard of one house so Edward could show us the large avocado tree that one of the local families grows. It is a variety that has many branches, and therefore more fruit than traditional varieties. They had beautiful flowers also.

a local choir in pommern church 014After lunch the basket ladies came to sell us baskets. Then we went to the secondary school to hear the concert by the Catholic Church choir.  It was supposed to start at two, but didn’t really begin until 3:30 when the room filled up. Before the singers began, there were loud recorded music, speeches and an auction of the group’s CD, which took quite a while. We saw the Italian woman who is volunteering with the EU project for sick children, and a few other white people.

There were four singing groups.  Each one only got to perform one or two songs, but they were excellent.  After the performance we walked back to the mission house.  Mama Tony made us pizza for dinner, along with many other treats.  We had a dinner guest, a teacher at the primary school who speaks some English, Mrs. Bertha Moses. We asked each other questions about the different arrangements of primary and secondary education levels in the US, China and here; about vacation or holiday schedules, and about differences in teaching classes in the three countries. I showed her the Baseline textbook we are using for the Form 1 students. It was interesting, and Androi and I continued the conversation after Edward came to take Mrs. Bertha home.

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