Sunday – The Montana ‘Super Moon’

Our Sunday begins early with a team effort to prepare breakfast consisting of scrambled eggs, toast, etc. After a nice shower at the Little Big Horn College Activity photo.JPG group at tableCenter nearby, we headed out to see the site of the Little Bighorn Battle, where the ranger’s passionate narration of the events that happened some 130 years ago were brought back to life.

After lunch at ‘our ranch’ and after the last volunteer arrived, we began  our orientation meeting, where among other things we formally introduced each other. We also discussed the core values that Global Volunteer espouses and agreed on common goals for the week. We were all in agreement that we wanted to learn more about the Crow culture, and, in our own small way, help promote a just and harmonious world, among all the peoples of the world.

Tonight is the “Super Moon,” which happens when a full moon occurs during its closest point to earth (or perigee). We are all looking forward to driving around the reservation Sunday night, under a bright moon and seeing all the lovely teepees glowing in the moonlight!

Penned by Arun

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