West Virginia Global Volunteer, Janet, reflects on her work with children and youth in Appalachia. I can speak for all of us here at Global Volunteers on this week’s projects: We adore the kids we’ve gotten to know and admire the adults in this Appalachian community who work with SALS. Sunshine, morning dew and fog along […]

Do you yearn to make a difference in your own backyard – in a new culture in the USA?  Kristin, a West Virginia Global Volunteer, reflects on the value of serving in her home country: “Although I live only one state away from West Virginia, it seemed like another world visiting a place so culturally and geographically different from […]

volunteer work in West Virginia

This glorious week of serving and learning in Appalachia has come to and end. We will forever share a bond with our team leaders and each other.  Thank you for letting me share this experience with you.     First, we learned about coal, the people who mined it, and then had the chance to get up close […]

“Delay is the deadliest form of denial.” Getting down and dirty. The mission begins, everyone is pumped and ready to go. Dr. Kostroff delivering instructions and taking names. We then met Vicky, the construction leader, introduced us to the residents. The residents told their stories of struggle with education, struggles with health and their accomplishments. […]

volunteer work in West Virginia

  Today felt like a “big day” for volunteer work in Oak Hill, West Virginia. The community center work was productive. Most of us did a mixture of tasks – new ones, and ones that we did yesterday. Helen helped at the food bank, which packed and distributed food today. Fran and Kathy worked on […]

We all ended up going to Oak Hill School.  John and Arlin worked at framing with the rest of us sanding, stripping floors, mudding, and various other chores. Met some of the SALS guys as well as Barb from Vista. Finished around 4 pm and were treated on the way home to chocolate eggs made […]

Wednesday, 1/8/14  It’s Wednesday and we’ve finally begun to get into a rhythm here in Beards Fork.  After a half week of beyond cold weather and cancelled classes everyone has managed to settle in and get down to work.  Our day started with a delicious French toast buffet prepared by Baheejah, Shannon P., and Jennifer.  […]

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  Appalachia – a Hard History A West Virginia volunteer reflects on the harsh realities of life in the Appalachian Mountains. Named after a native Indian tribe that was mistaken then as you are mistaken now.  Known for everything from your moon shining to your clan fending and serving babies Mountain Dew. Called everything from […]