by Erica Chan “Que es eso?” What is this? “Un oso, ” I said. A bear. “Oso, ” said four-year-old David, as he flipped to the next page of the book. David sat languidly between my legs in the midst of a circle of small couches. Next to me clung his eight-year-old sister Marisa and […]

A Different Holiday Story

A Different Holiday Story, by Peru Country Manager Daniel Salazar: Holidays in Peru and the U.S. are similar in many ways. In both countries most people think of getting together with the family around a nice turkey dinner. But it is also different in many ways. For instance, in Peru most people don’t celebrate Thanksgiving. But […]

Hands-on learning through service in Costa Rica

Our host partner in Costa Rica is Colegio Técnico Profesional de Santa Elena or Technical Professional Secondary School of Santa Elena, located in a small town in the cloud forest region of Monteverde. It is called Colegio for short, which means secondary school, and houses grades 7 through 12. This technical high school has over 400 […]

best volunteer programs in South America

It has been a most satisfying progression. First, we were asked by the community of Alto Progreso to help build a wall next to the community Pre-K and soup kitchen (which serves 120 children). This wall was needed to protect the children from a 12-foot drop, which recently led to two children to fall and injure themselves. The following […]

Report from Cuba – By Pam Cromer, Team Leader Global Volunteers’ historic first volunteer team is doing important work – not only meeting the community’s labor requests, but building long-lasting relationships.   This is the foundation of every successful program – important, directed work, and compassionate, open-minded volunteers.  When combined, long-term change can occur. Each volunteer teaches English in the […]

Building Walls and Friendship

When I asked the community of Alto Progreso what project they needed help with and they replied a wall, I honestly was a little scared. I knew they meant a 40-meter-long wall. I knew they had no machinery whatsoever. I knew it would mean a lot of sweat. But I also knew of the importance of […]

Testimonials about Serving and Learning in Monteverde After spending a week serving and learning in Monteverde, this group of 30 high school students, one alumnus, one valiant teacher, and two parents from Fountain Hills, Arizona shared these parting thoughts: “We end the trip with newly developed friendships and newly sculpted leg muscles. Although saying goodbye to these […]

costa rica service learning

In Monteverde, the Fountain Hills High School group discovered Costa Rica’s flora and fauna, a highlight of volunteering in the cloud forest region. Discovering Costa Rica’s Flora and Fauna Before breakfast, howler monkeys visited us from the rooftops of our hotel. We reached up and fed them fruit, and they hung from their tails as they reached for the […]

High School volunteers in Costa Rica – Robbie, Em, Madi, Elizabeth, and Reilly – describe a day of metal edging, teaching English, and discovering “wild life” with new Costa Rican friends. Today’s projects included metal cutting and metal edging for the new trail by the garden that we bordered and gravel-filled on day one. It looks great. We also […]