Teacher caps back on for another week!

Team Journal for March 23, 2015

Don MMontana and LuRue met Don downstairs after Rebecca, the teacher that picked us up, came knocking on Montana and LuRues door wondering where we were. I guess 5 minutes early is really 5 minutes late in China. Because of a traffic jam, we were a few minutes late and our classes were already waiting for us in the rooms.

We are all finally starting to get into a routine. Don did his normal introductions, pronunciations, Simon says, then ended on “I’m a Little Tea Pot” and introducing “This Land is Your Land”.

Montana and LuRue did introductions, pronunciations, homonyms, Simon says, sentences, drawing game, and the Hokey Pokey. For the first class, they split up the pronunciations into three parts, one in the beginning, one right before the break, and one right after the break. However, they changed it back to normal for the next class, because they decided it didn’t help much to split it up. Although most people were involved in the classes, there were still those one or two students on their phones.

wed1During lunch, we all discussed the activities of the morning. Baoli also gave us a lesson on names in China. It seems like family is extremely important in China. After lunch, everyone went back to their rooms, not doing much other than preparing for tomorrows classes until 6 when everyone met for dinner.

Baoli took us out to a restaurant in the supermarket nearby. We were served dishes of sweet potato, chicken, pork, tofu, a broccoli stir fry and some sweet rice to top it off. We all went to an electronic shop nearby on the hunt for a flash drive. Then Don and Baoli went back to the hotel. Montana and LuRue stopped by a supermarket to get more treats for the winners tomorrow before going back to the hotel to finish up some preparations, then go to bed.


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