Teacher training so far has been productive and insightful

July 23, 2014

Wow! People may say that Rome wasn’t built in a day, but in only two days I already feel that everyone has accomplished so much. Teacher training so far has been both productive and insightful. On the first day we all focused on learning fun songs, games, and activities to help the teachers motivate their students to learn English. DSCN1652

I was pleasantly surprised by the teachers’ overall excitement to sing and dance, and their enthusiasm to learn new games. During the motion name game – in which everyone initially introduces themselves with a dance – the teachers actively and whole heartedly participated. Some jumped around, animatedly waved their hands in the air, and posed with the beloved two-fingered peace sign everyone has undoubtedly whipped out for a picture at one point.

Despite the fact that the Chinese education system is traditionally based on repetition and route memorization, teacher feedback overwhelmingly supported the use of interactive activities in the classroom. I explained that this method is called kinesthetic learning, and that some studies suggested this enhanced students’ interest and helped them synthesize information. DSCN1664

After only working with these young teachers for a couple of days, I knew that these ladies were bursting with personality and pizzazz. They were fun and funny, but also eager to learn and passionate about helping their pupils in any way they could. In a time where China in rapidly changing and developing, I have high hopes for China’s youth – they are in good hands.


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