Teaching and Playing Basketball

Team Journal Entry for April 15, 2015

Message of the day:

Shoot for the moon and even if you miss you’ll land among the stars. Anonymous

TueToday was a bit of a mellow day. Compared to the Mosque trip and market exploration of Tuesday, today wasn’t nearly as exciting. We woke up and went down for breakfast (Curtis got up before us and was finished by the time we came down). After arriving at the school as two day veterans (and of course one week and two-days veteran) we felt that the day would be a relatively easy but interesting day. After we finished teaching, Lily took us out for a traditional lunch across the street. Among the many dishes served, we got to eat rice, mini- cucumbers, and many other delicious foods. Everybody’s appetite was satiated at this point so we went to play some sports. WedI played basketball with a few college boys and was at a disadvantage with my lack of height, but nevertheless, still had a good time. The ambience of the afternoon was somewhat relaxing as the game was not competitive at all. After heading back to the hotel, we all hung out for a while before going out for Hot Pot. The Hot Pot was an efficacious solution to our hunger and everyone had a great time. We (Kelly, Jody, and Hunter) then went out for Baskin Robbins at the Tang West Mall. This capped off a nice day in Xi’an.


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