teaching children in Peru

As with every other day this week, today began with a luxurious and elegant Morsi Sorsi breakfast.  Around 8:15, we were off to PPA.  Having finished our work project early, today was a day for spending time with our beloved friends of many ages at the orphanage.  I started off the day in Niños Jesús with Jesse and Maggie, where we played with a rambunctious group of toddlers who could not get enough of us.  It was really special for me to be able to spend time with these kids who yearned so deeply to be held and played with for as long as we could.  While we eventually tired of being tackled, pooped on (through diapers), hugged, kissed, and called “mama” and “papa”, I think that these kids could have gone all day.

After Niños Jesús, we headed to lunch with the group.  I very much enjoyed my arroz con pollo, apparently too much so, considering the fact that I promptly spilled copious amounts of passion fruit juice onto my crotch.  But really, what is a good meal if I don’t spill something delicious on myself for everyone to see?  In the afternoon, we were back to our usual positions in the shade by the soccer field, teaching English and learning things such as moonwalking and other ancient Peruvian traditions.  We had cake for our friend Leo’s birthday and broke up what would have been a fight to the death between two boys over a dollar store mini soccer ball.

After PPA, we ate an excellent dinner at Madam Tusan without me spilling anything that I know of, went to bowl (which included some very nice choreography and chanting from Maru, Maggie, and my Mother), and finally came home to listen to some New Years fireworks.  If what I have heard so far this year (as I sit hear writing at 12:26) is an accurate depiction of the rest of the year, then brace yourselves for 2016 because it’s going to be very loud with lots of explosions.

by Willie

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