Team #152 has arrived in Quito!

We arrived at Hotel Sandmelis Saturday evening. We met Maggie, our team leader, as well as Mark, another volunteer. We had a nice dinner and were off to bed.

Sunday morning we met the rest of the volunteers who arrived late Saturday night – Hannah, Amy, and Rita. We are a group of eight representing California, New York, Washington D.C, and Maggie’s home state of Minnesota.

After breakfast we met in the ‘lounge’ to have formal introductions and get down to business. We spent the next seven hours going over guidelines, policies, welcome packets, assignments, goals, and tours!

The team developed a list of Team Goals and identified the Characteristics of an Effective Team:


– To try something new each day
– To learn more about Ecuadorian culture
– To learn and use more Spanish
– To spread love and happiness to the children and babies
– To help as much as possible at the daycare center
– To make new friends


– proactive
– flexibility
– persistence
– willingness to make mistakes
– good attitude
– willing to try new things
– humility
– openness
– helpful
– kind

Finally the plethora of information came to an end and we all went for a nice walk around Quito. We had a delicious dinner where we reviewed our day and are all so excited to get to work tomorrow. We can’t wait to meet the tías and children!

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