Team #153’s First Day in Ecuador!

Ecuador Team #153 had a great first day. We started off with a delicious breakfast, when the team made their first introductions. It’s a small team with Maggie as our leader, Jenn, Missy, and Darrell.

After breakfast, we had our orientation meeting. During the meeting we learned all about the program at FUNDAC, we talked about our individual backgrounds and how we all came to the volunteer program, and we also learned about Ecuador and Quito.

We had a nice visit from the president of FUNDAC, Elvia Cano, and her husband, Carlos, as well as the treasurer, Pilar Guzmán. They told us more about the project and the staff we will be working with. We also had a visit from Richard Hernández, who runs a tour company. He gave us lots of information about the places and things that we can see in and around Quito.

Next we talked about our individual goals for the next two weeks and then combined them to make team goals. We came up with the following five team goals:

– To experience Ecuadorian culture
– To assist the community in fulfilling their goals
– To connect with new people
– To learn more Spanish
– To experience the geographic splendors of Ecuador

Then we agreed on what team characteristics we needed to meet these goals.

Characteristics of an Effective Team: understanding, proactive, curious, humble, kind, receptive, adventurous, flexible, resilient, open, generous,  empathetic

Maggie writing down our Characteristics of an Effective Team

Maggie writing down our Characteristics of an Effective Team

Finally, we ended our orientation with a Spanish lesson. Me llamo Darrell. Tengo cuarenta y tres años. Soy soltero. Soy de Nueva Jersey. Trabajo en petróleo. 

We finished the night with another delicious meal and then all retired to our rooms to watch the Super Bowl! A great first day, we are looking forward to seeing the kids tomorrow!


Flower vendors on the streets of Quito

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