Labor Project at Daycare Center #2

The labor project for Team #160 to Ecuador was to build a short wall around the perimeter of the roof at daycare center #2 where there is a guard dog. The paint on the exterior of Center #2 was also stuccoed and touched up. Tons of scraps and junk were removed from the roof and taken to recyclers for money. Now Pelusa, the guard dog, has a house up on the roof and it is much safer to stand up there.


The ‘Before’ picture – the roof with no wall around the perimeter


Another ‘Before’ picture – the roof with no wall around the perimeter


Cleaning off the roof


Unloading cinder blocks in chain form – the Ecuadorian way!


Uff!! Sure feels good to have them all unloaded! Now we’ve got to take them all up to the roof…


So we formed another chain or assembly line to pass them up to the roof


And then all the cinder blocks were up on the roof in no time (well, kind of)!


And we started building the wall with local mason, or ‘maestro’, Byron


And we kept building, one block at a time, switching shifts between wall building and caring for the children

ECU1507A1 - 'After' picture of wall built on roof 1

Until it was complete!

ECU1507A1 - 'After' picture of wall built on roof 3

And the roof of daycare center #2 had become much safer!



Maggie with Pelusa

And Pelusa, the friendly guard dog, not only had a new house on the roof, she was also no longer afraid of the edges up there


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