Team of five volunteers plus team leader outside bed and breakfast in Monteverde, Costa Rica

We are five volunteers and one fearless team leader. Bill, a retired surgeon, and his wife, Barb, a retired teacher are from New Hampshire. Vicki is a retired journalist from Connecticut. Sharon is a retired member of the clergy from California and Robert works for Boeing in the state of Washington. Our team leader, Maggie, is a native of Minnesota but lives in Ecuador and comes to Costa Rica for each team.

Team Journal entry for Sunday, March 6

We got a great night’s sleep and had a lovely breakfast in the sunny morning room at the Hotel 1915. Our morning meeting was spent revisiting the principles and philosophy of Global Volunteers, led by effervescent Maggie, our team leader. She also made sure that we understood all issues of health and personal safety. Together the group brainstormed and established team goals.

Whiteboard listing our team goals

Our Team Goals

Our Team Goals are:

  • To immerse ourselves in Costa Rican culture
  • To improve our Spanish
  • To see cloud forest wildlife
  • To experience Costa Rican food and drink
  • To work cooperatively on school projects
  • To build friendships with the people we work with and our teammates

Our Characteristics of an Effective Team:

curious                        friendly                       fearless                                   sense of humor
respectful                   flexible                        proactive                                 encouraging
open-minded            hardworking               loyal                                        honest
patient                        imaginative                creative                                   stimulating
intuitive                      joyous

Outdoor dining area with plants at the Hotel 1915 in Alajuela,  Costa Rica

Dining area at the Hotel 1915

Lunch was at a local café. Noontime was sunny and hot. The meal was delicious. At 2 p.m. we loaded the van and set off for Santa Elena, driving out of the city and toward the sea, then northeast into the mountains, on paved roads for two hours. We stopped at an open-air restaurant for an ice cream and a baños break, Bill admiring the antique farm implements and rustic wooden furniture. Ever upward, the final hour of the trek was on an unpaved dusty road, beautiful scenery, mountain after mountain, some evidence of progress in road improvement.

At last to the bustling town of Santa Elena, many travelers walking the streets, drinking coffee, eating ice cream. We arrived at Hotel Mar Inn – lovely, delightful hosts.

Now to learn Spanish in a one-hour intensive! We are preparing to meet the students and teachers at Colegio tomorrow. Great dinner prepared by Tatiana – chicken and rice, beans, and salad – and special guests Jorge and Ílfido, teachers from the school, and a very special cake made by Anthony’s mom.  

Entry submitted by: Barb

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