Team 236: Here we come!

Our team started to assemble at the Warsaw airport. When Brenda arrived from London, she, Gary, and Lori started for Reymontówka in a car with Marek Błaszczyk, the Reymontówka Director. The new volunteers were welcomed with the Salt and Bread Ceremony. Brenda and Gary were shown to their rooms, and then gathered with Lori on the patio for tea and coffee to await the other volunteers. About 45 minutes later the remaining members of the team arrived; all had come together on the flight from Amsterdam which had experienced a bit of delay.  They too were greeted with the Salt and Bread Ceremony. This ceremony symbolizes that visitors are welcome and also that they will be well cared for during a visit.

At 2:45 we gathered for dinner (obiad). Following this meal we played the name game to begin to know each other. Then we each did a short introduction giving our full names, home locations, and any other information we wished to share. Dorota gave each volunteer a basic schedule for the next two weeks, information about the Wi-Fi services at Reymontówka, and a handout briefly describing the history of the house.  Following this we did a short tour around the Reymontówka campus.
We gathered again for supper at 6:30. The potato pancakes disappeared, the group tried out the Nutella.
Some walked outside or played a game of catch for a bit, but the jet-lagged newly arrived volunteers were early to bed on a quiet night at Reymontówka.


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