The 133rd Calderon Brigade

The 133rd Calderon Brigade

(“Personal relations are the important thing for ever and for ever, and not this outer life of texting and twittering (sic). E. M. Forster, Howards End).
[Notwithstanding, here is the twittering.]

Well here we are in Quito
With goals and expectations
So we can serve the children
We gave up our vacations.

We’re tended well by Edith
She keeps us well apprised
Of where to be and when and how
She fears being too surprised.

Michelle’s a GV veteran
She keeps us all enthralled
She brought along two friends
She’s the mentor to them all.

Maggie tagged along
To give volunteering a try
She’s the trio’s photographer
For a shot she has a fine eye.

Emily appears quite stalwart
And claims to be a bit shy
But behind the formal manner
A soul of warmth will catch your eye.

Kara served in Tanzania
She has a pleasing manner
She approaches work quite carefully
To her problems do not matter.

Ashley can be hard to please
She’s bound up blue and firm
With children she’s not easy
So she picked a shorter term.

Lori is bold and wide open
She liked to hang out with the boys
She’s a hit with all who meet her
But was embarrassed by the birthday noise.

The first week went by quickly
And we learned the ropes quite well
To those departing early
We bade a fond farewell.

Kathy ventured the farthest
To join our merry team
She liked the shops in Otavalo
Of Ecuadorian sopa she is not keen.

Sarah smiles oh so coyly
She retired at twenty-eight
She has a fear of running water
And trusting South America with her fate.

Laura slipped in late on Sunday
With her a suitcase of gifts
With Andre she toured the Old Town
And from her we all get a lift.

Sonali’s a gracious young woman
And time with her really flies
When her father gets his hands going
She tries her best not roll her eyes.

Arun is Sonali’s father
A most gregarious fellow
He has a keen eye for a bargain
A Bond fan he’s the fellow to follow.

Margaret is quite particular
Not a thing out of place in her house
Her son throws his socks helter skelter
And her waffles come out like Mickey Mouse.

The writer of this little ditty
Seems at times to just go along
But if you dare put a mike in his hand
He’ll break out into some kind of song.

Martin talked us off to Otovalo
And advised us all to look about
The Indians are mighty shrewd merchants
And the goblins will get you if you don’t watch out!

We made a stop at the equator
And we were told the reason why
This is the best place for viewing
But have you seen a star in the sky?

Sunday was our day of rest
And a chance to go it alone
Some shipped off to Mindo
A trip from “Romancing the Stone.”

And who can forget Mosaico
With its constellation of light
We harked back to La Mitad del Mondo
And thought the guide may be partially right.

I trust that all’s been accounted for
I know our work is finally done
We all gave the best that we had
And will leave with the rising sun.

(June 26, 2009)

Written and dedicated to the team by Guillermo
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