The End


Today was a combination work day of recycling and teaching English. Sandy stayed in the classroom all day and practiced English skills with several wonderful students. The first was Anna, a mother of 3 who worked at a local hotel, and had very good language skills. She hopes to teach English one day. We also spent time with her son, Joshua, 4 years old, practicing his English. Next was Jennifer, who it turns out is married to Jonathan, who took lessons with us yesterday. And in the afternoon, the two adorable young girls who were in class yesterday, Juliet and Yuleisy, came back again. They were a delight to spend time with and said they are eager to come back again tomorrow. 



Pam and Pat also taught in the morning and then worked hard at the recycling center– and then came back to teach again. A nice last full day of work for our team. 



Upon our return to the Mar-Inn, we were greeted with a special treat from Zelmira—homemade rice pudding, cinnamon bread and coffee–wonderful!! 



We again had dinner at Trio’s—a terrific restaurant. We were joined by Milt, who arrived to lead the next two teams coming to Costa Rica. After a great dinner, we then went to Morpho’s, another good local restaurant, to enjoy homemade desserts made by the owner’s mom! 



Tomorrow morning Pat will depart early for the airport, and Pam and I will teach English for the morning before departing for Alajuela for our flights home on Saturday–the end of a wonderful two weeks in Costa Rica. 


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