Making play dough with Tía Olga

Wednesday morning we all headed out on the bus, even “Trooper Sue” who wasn’t feeling well from a head cold. We all went to our respective rooms. Lucy played with her babies, who especially enjoyed looking in a mirror and playing dump and fill. Kay’s room had an activity led by a teacher from the Ministry of Education. At the end of the hour, Kay brought out the precious “monos” and led a few songs. For the next hour and a half the children practiced their dancing for the program then watched the tías dance.

After lunch Kay had a fun time making play dough or as they say in Ecuador, plasticilina. Tía Olga helped and actually made a second batch, which was perfect. She really seems to have a knack for adding the right amount of water. She is a dear señora who always seems to have a smile for everyone. The day ended on a rainy, cold trip home. Maggie joined us for dinner and explained the evaluation process. After that we all wanted only to get warm and go to bed. Kay’s hair dryer–bed warmer was waiting for her.

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