To all Global Volunteers supporters, volunteers and donors:

Global Volunteers has canceled all May service programs, the June West Virginia program, and has suspended all international programs until the State Department lifts its “Do Not Travel” advisory.

Additional information can be found on the the U.S. State Department, Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and World Health Organization (WHO). As advisories are updated, we will determine how to respond regarding service programs beyond that date, and will post updates here. Until the travel ban is lifted, suspended international service programs will be cancelled 30 days from scheduled departure.  We will notify volunteers affected by our program cancellations. Anyone who registers now will not be charged a transfer fee in the event they must transfer to a later program.

Read updates from our community partners and staff worldwide:

At Global Volunteers, our mission is to connect people worldwide to wage peace and promote justice through service.  Our goal is to create, nurture and sustain the well-being of the world’s children and their community, so they can realize the full promise of their human potential.  And now, we must pause.  But, our work hasn’t ended.  We continue to serve our partner communities by staying in touch virtually, and through our U.S. and international staff. They continue our important work because there will be an even greater need for volunteers in the coming months as the world recovers from this pandemic. We’re already planning for service programs for later this year and 2021.

We received loans through the Federal CARES Act and the Small Business Association in the first disbursement period.  We’re keeping our staff employed while we work with community partners to protect and provide essential services to local families while volunteers are unable to serve.

  • We’re fundraising to support children worldwide
  • We’re communicating with Global Volunteers alumni
  • We’re updating and improving volunteer materials
  • We’re expanding all RCP workshops in Tanzania
  • We’re investing in staff training

Of course, our first priority is, and has always been, the health and safety of our volunteers, staff, and the people we serve worldwide.  As an organization, we’re committed to doing what is necessary to help contain the spread of the virus in all parts of the world, so as to optimize the outcome for those who are affected.  Most of our US staff, and much of our international staff are working from home.  Given modern communications, we’re ready to assist you in any way possible.  We’re extremely grateful to those who have been activated during this pandemic to skillfully care for others in hospitals and special medical units.  And we greatly appreciate all who are doing their part to contain this virus.  It is up to each of us to act responsibly – with the world in mind – to prevent COVID-19 from spreading further.

We’re rallying together – from a distance – to let our community partners know that we will be there, standing with them, when the pandemic recedes.  In the meantime, we need your help to help those who are experiencing unprecedented stress along with rapidly diminishing resources.  As always, we’re very grateful for your continued commitment to our mission and goal.

Burnham Philbrook, Global Volunteers Co-founder & CEO