The Importance of Positive and Strong Relationships

Highlights from Team Journal Entry from Tuesday, May 26100

Today was a great day at the daycare because we were able to go to classrooms that we previously helped out in last week. The children welcomed us back and it was reassuring to know the classroom routine and the various personalities. The importance of positive and strong relationships were shown to me today as the children trusted who we were and called us by our names, having remembered them.  I am excited to be with my tía and class again tomorrow, and also work with the same tía of the baby room later this week. After dinner, we enjoyed playing a game of Skip-Bo with Maggie and a nice walk down to the mall to get a treat. Magnum ice cream may have left the mall, but we can’t complain because we all enjoyed some gelato. We are all becoming more comfortable with speaking our Spanish in public, getting taxis, and trying new things and I can see a difference in myself from just a week ago. We are looking forward to tomorrow working with the children and tías again and going back to the market to get some last gifts for loved ones and to remind ourselves of this adventure.

Entry submitted by: Lauren

Message of the Day – Jordan: “Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It’s not.” – Dr. Seuss  



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