The Murals Are Finished!

And today we really were two. Pam was again laid low by the baby virus and Maggie had a stomach bug, wonder if she’s been drinking the water? In any event Liz and I were dropped off by Pilar and we informed everyone that Maggie and Pam were enfermas (sick) and that we would muddle through the day. Liz went off to Tía Karina’s class and I joined my little friends in Tía Diana’s class. I wasn’t there very long when Alexandra entered and said that parent volunteers had shown up and I would paint with them. Well, not only did we paint, but the mural is really now completed, the floor cleaned, and the unused paintbrushes and supplies put away. Nice job, Team #157. I was also pleased to see that tías Ruby and Diana were using the shelves installed with the assistance of parent volunteers.

ECU1501A2 - The finished mural 1

The finished mural

Lunchtime rolled around and we were nicely looked after as Tía Alexandra walked us to Cecilia’s studio. Cecilia then walked us to Eva’s house and the four of walked to lunch. Liz, Cecilia, and I ate but Eva left once we were settled in for the afternoon meal. We returned after lunch with Cecilia kindly having walked us to the door of the center.

The afternoon was spent in the usual fashion, laughter from the English conversation group, and Mark coloring and cutting. The day was tiring as we missed Maggie’s presence and her help communicating the needs and wishes of all involved.

A glass of wine pre-dinner and hopes that everyone enjoys a speedy recovery.

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Message of the Day – Mark: “There can be no keener revelation of society’s soul than the way in which it treats its children.” – Nelson Mandela

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