The Program Continues…

IMG_113826Thought for the day: “Life is all about discovering things that do matter in the end” – blogger Robert Brault

Our day began with our now known hotel breakfast buffet – congee or dry cereal? rice or French toast?, etc.

Our High-tech College group (Donald, Judy, Cyndy, and Curtis) were off to a branch campus for the first time to work with students who have graduated from middle school rather than high school.  It was a challenge for our volunteers to have to “switch gears” to work with these younger and less experienced students.  Nonetheless all found it rewarding.  Curtis even found during one class exercise that there were three students with the same birthday which is a very rare event for a group of only twenty two students.  Of course in his next class of the same size no birthday matches were found.

The Biomedical Technical College group (MaryAnn, Bill, and Grace – LaVerne was off with a light case of stomach flu) had one morning class and then attended a school assembly.  With a student dance group at the assembly MaryAnn had a chance her share her “moves” with them.  These volunteers also had lunch nearby the school.

The High-tech College volunteers plus LaVerne had lunch by themselves at the hotel.  In deference to LaVerve’s delicate appetite, Bao Li thoughtfully arranged to have plenty of plain white rice to accompany the dishes she preordered for the group.

After lunch Cyndy, Judy, Donald, and Curtis made a shopping expedition to the supermarket.  The highlight of which was the deciphering of two nearly identical looking packages of dried plums as to which had pits and which did not.  Fortunately this turned out to be the case that old dogs (i.e. Global Volunteers) do learn new tricks.  It is also an example of the small joys of foreign travel where we can say mission accomplished!

We were all together for dinner at the hotel and upon learning of the dancing at the Biomedical Technical College assembly LaVerne lamented missing out on being able to show her “moves”.  Bao Li ended the evening by briefing us on the upcoming weekend activities.


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