The School’s Welcome Party for Freshman Students – Truly Amazing!

China Team 218 Journal for Thursday October 15, 2015

Message of the day: “Instruction does much, but encouragement everything.” Goethe. mary

Mary-Jo & Carolyn continued with their morning teaching assignments, returning to the hotel for lunch and time to prepare for the Welcoming Ceremony for first year students at their school.  Claudia & Mary had a slight change in schedule, teaching their morning classes as usual, but leaving before the final 45 minute period in the afternoon in order to be back at the hotel in time for an early dinner and then on to the High-Tech College.  We had lunch, a delicious assortment of vegetarian dishes, at a small restaurant near the campus, with Julia, who is in charge of the English program, Victoria, and Lucy, the young teachers.  Following lunch we returned to the campus for an hour’s “free talk” with the teachers, giving them a chance to use their English outside the structure of their textbook.DSCN5240 The highlight of the day was certainly the Welcoming Ceremony at the High-Tech College.  This outdoor spectacle was complete with stage, strobe lights, and sophisticated lighting and soundboard and ran from 7:00 to 9:00.  We were told that students had been working on the show for the last month, and their work was apparent in the variety and sophistication of the acts.  The large and enthusiastic audience, possibly the entire student body as well as various school officials, saw a variety of music and dancing, including rap, hip hop, rock & roll, and B-Box, a tribute to the Red Army and commemoration of the 70th anniversary of the War of Japanese Aggression as well as the Long March, military exercises and Kung Fu demonstration, a standup comedy routine, a magic show, cheerleaders, a fashion show, and roller bladers.  It also marked the first performance in China by “The Volunteers,” singing specially adapted versions of “This Land is Your Land,” and “She’ll be Coming Around the Mountain.”  We were thrilled with the applause at the end of our performance, and touched and honored to be invited back on stage at the finale for picture taking with the extremely talented student performers.

We returned after 9:00 to work on lesson plans, journal entries, and prepare for Friday’s classes.  It is hard to believe we will be completing our first week of teaching in Xi’an tomorrow.

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