The Second Last day for Some of us : (

Thursday October 22, 2015

Message of the day:  “Wherever there are beginners and experts, old & young, there is some kind of learning going on, and some sort of teaching.  We are all pupils and we are all teachers.”  Gilbert Highet, “The Art of Teaching.”

Mary and Claudia

Mary helps her students with pronunciation

Mary helps her students with pronunciation

The time for Mary, Jo-Carol and me to depart Xi’an is fast approaching.  It will be hard to say good-bye to our students, teachers, BaoLi & Carolyn, the only team member staying for the 3rd week.

Although our 1st year students at Xi’an Biomedical Technical College are young and arrived at the school with minimal exposure to oral English, they consistently have been respectful, responsive and willing to try to speak this difficult language.  Mary and I have used similar teaching techniques so our students have become used to our American style of teaching. Most of the students have improved their skills and are comfortable asking questions — especially on popular topics such as clothing, leisure activities and food.  Their questions to me about American college culture, American family member interaction and food show their interest and also reflect the preparation by the college English teachers.

Jo Carol

Jo Carol works with hotel Chinese restaurant staff


Carolyn works with hotel western restaurant staff

Liu Jintian, President of Xi’an Sheng Wu Yi Yao Xue Yuan, for many years has welcomed Global Volunteers to his campus.  He is convincing when he says that learning about the USA through personal contact with the volunteers is great motivation for the students, an exciting way for them to learn about American culture, and fosters friendship between our peoples.  As we observed Lily Yu, lunch was a learning experience.  Carolyn & Jo-Carol report that the students of their morning classes are highly motivated and responsive.  Jo-Carol sent a thank-you message to the hotel staff for their integrity & help in returning her camera.  In the afternoon they met with the Le Garden Chinese staff from the 2 hotel restaurants.  Carolyn remarked that the staff was responsive and appreciative.

At dinner the team members reminisced about the last few days.  The highlight was Mary’s report of the Welcome Show for students at XBTC and the videos BaoLi had taken.

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