CUB1606G1 Ella Lemke with Arelia and Carlota IMG_1841Journal by Ella, Cuba Global Volunteer and Blake School Student. 

Today, we finally discovered the true meaning of “bailar”, what it really means to dance. Through learning the contagious salsa which I have no doubt we will be teaching family and friends back home, learning the conga and the cha-cha, listening to the never-ending party outside our window, and practicing our salsa on the street corner before bed, it makes it even harder to say goodbye to this beautiful place. After witnessing large groups of people dancing to the DJs on every street corner, and seeing a six year old shaking her hips better than I can, I’d say we’ve made a mutual agreement to bring this energy back with us to the United States.

From a full day of dancing to music everywhere I turn I have to say I am in awe of this country Hopefully, after next week’s lessons in Havana we will be able to salsa in our sleep and when we return to Ciego de Ávila, Yadi won’t be able to tell us “we have no moves.”

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